16-Inch Birch Firewood


16-Inch Kiln-Dried Birch Firewood

  • Excellent fire starter which pairs well with other hardwoods like oak or hickory
  • Known for its attractive blue flame and slight wintergreen aroma
  • An excellent choice for outdoor fires in chimineas or fire pits
  • Free two-day shipping throughout the United States of America
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16-Inch Kiln-Dried Birch Firewood for Fire Pits, Chimineas and More

Want to set the mood for a peaceful outdoor evening? Ignite some kiln-dried birch firewood in your fire pit or chiminea. Birch lights quickly, especially when it’s kiln-dried. So, you won’t have to deal with the stress of struggling to start a fire. Instead, you can relax with the ones you love as you warm yourself with its beautiful flames.

Our 16-inch birch comes split to the ideal size for larger fire pits, fireplaces and chimineas. We also dry it in a kiln for 48 hours to ensure it’s primed for the longest, hottest and cleanest burns possible.

These pristine birch logs come conveniently packaged in a resealable carrying case, which is perfect for easy storage. You can get as many boxes as you need with free two-day shipping anywhere in the country. And to top it all off, we plant one birch tree for every birch box we send out!

Benefits of Our 16-Inch Birch Firewood

  • Efficient Burns – Birch lights quickly and burns cleanly for a great fire when you need it right away.
  • Pleasant Fires – A birch fire features attractive blue flames with very little smoke and a slight wintergreen aroma.
  • Plays Well with Others – Combine these birch logs with oak or hickory firewood for a quick-starting, long-lasting and beautiful fire.
  • Kiln-Dried – We kiln dry all wood to a moisture level below 20%, which is ideal for the hottest, longest and cleanest burns possible.
  • Insect-Free – 48 hours in the kiln is more than enough time to eliminate all bugs, mold and fungus from the wood.
  • Responsibly Harvested – We sustainably source all of our birch wood from FSC-certified

What’s in the Birch Firewood Hot Box?

  • Type of Wood – 100% pure birch firewood
  • Size of Pieces – 16-inch full-sized firewood logs
  • Type of Box – Recyclable and resealable container
  • Box Dimensions – 16 inches x 9 inches x 19.5 inches
  • Shipping Details – Free two-day shipping throughout the United States
  • Refund and Return Policy – You may return your order up to 30 days after it was purchased. For more details, please review our full refund and return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our 16-Inch Birch Firewood

Is birch firewood good to burn?

Yes! Four exceptional qualities make birch worthwhile for burning:

  1. It starts very easily.
  2. It burns hot enough to keep you warm.
  3. The flame it produces is beautiful with very little smoke.
  4. Its wintergreen scent is also very pleasant.

Still, birch trails other firewood types, such as oak and hickory, in one key category: burn duration. This is because birch doesn’t contain as much heat as those woods. It only has 20.8 million British Thermal Units (BTUs) of heat per cord, while oak has a whopping 30.7 million BTUs per cord. As a result, birch uses up its heat much more quickly than oak, making it less advantageous for longer burns. Still, you can make up for this by combining birch and oak to get the best of both worlds.

How hard is it to start a fire with birch?

Starting a fire with birch logs is incredibly easy! In fact, people often use birch as a fire starter along with other types of wood.

Is birch good firewood for cooking?

No. We’d caution you against cooking with birch firewood because it adds a slightly bitter taste to food.

Does birch smell good when burned?

Yes! Birch gives off a subtle wintergreen aroma, which most people find pleasant.

What types of wood pair well with birch wood?

We recommend mixing birch with a longer-lasting hardwood, such as oak or hickory. This combination will give you the easy ignition and beautiful flames of birch along with the high heat output of those other hardwoods.

Where does birch wood come from?

We get our birch firewood from birch trees that grow in the northern portions of the North American continent. You can find birch trees from coast to coast and as far south as Virginia.

Is birch firewood a hardwood or a softwood?

Birch is a hardwood.