16-Inch Sugar Maple Firewood


16-Inch Kiln-Dried Sugar Maple Firewood

  • Produces a high amount of heat and smells faintly of maple syrup
  • Contains very little sap and burns clean with minimal creosote or smoke
  • Sweet smoke pairs well with pork, poultry, beef, vegetables, cheeses and more
  • Get yours today with free two-day shipping anywhere in the country


16-Inch Kiln-Dried Sugar Maple Firewood for Fire Pits, Wood Grills and More

How sweet it is to burn our full-sized sugar maple wood in a fire pit, wood-fired grill or fireplace! Wherever you burn it, a joyful feeling is bound to come over you as it tickles your nostrils with a hint of maple-syrupy goodness. And if you’re cooking with it, you’re in for a double-treat since it will make your cooking taste extra sweet!

What makes this wood so delightful? A couple of things. First, the reason it’s called sugar maple is it contains 2% more sugar than regular maple wood. This is what gives the smoke its maple syrup flavor we love so much. The wood also has the high heat content you’d expect from a hardwood like maple, making it great for high heat burns.

We help those exceptional qualities shine all the brighter by kiln-drying the wood. Every piece of sugar maple spends 48 hours in a massive kiln to get its moisture content down to below 20%. This is the ideal level for the wood to perform at the top of its game without all that extra moisture to slow it down.

To further sweeten the deal, we box up our sugar maple logs in a resealable carrying case and deliver them anywhere in the U.S. with free two-day shipping. Plus, we care for our forests by planting one sugar maple tree for every box we sell. We’re just a bunch of sweethearts, we know!

Benefits of Our Sugar Maple Firewood

  • High Performance – Sugar maple generates high heat for a long time with very little creosote or smoke.
  • A Hint of Sweetness – Fill your home or campsite with a pleasing aroma that smells faintly of maple syrup.
  • Gourmet Cooking – Take your meat, cheese or veggies to the next level with this sugar maple wood for smoking.
  • Multipurpose Wood – You can use the wood in indoor fireplaces, outdoor chimineas, fire pits, wood grills and more!
  • Dried to Delight – We kiln-dry the wood for easy ignition and the hottest, longest and cleanest burns possible.
  • No Impurities – Each piece is 100% free from insects, mold and fungus because of the kiln-drying process.
  • FSC-Certified Wood – We partner with the Forest Stewardship Council to ensure all our wood is sustainably sourced.

What’s in the 16-Inch Sugar Maple Hot Box?

  • Type of Wood – 100% pure sugar maple firewood
  • Size of Pieces – 16-inch full-sized firewood pieces
  • Type of Box – Recyclable and resealable box
  • Box Dimensions – 16 inches x 9 inches x 19.5 inches
  • Shipping Details – Free two-day shipping throughout the United States
  • Refund and Return Policy – You may return your order up to 30 days after it was purchased. For more details, please review our full refund and return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our 16-Inch Sugar Maple Wood

Is sugar maple wood good to burn?

Yes! Sugar maple firewood has more going for it than just the sweet aroma and flavor it provides. It also has many qualities of the best firewood to burn. These include its above-average heat content of 24 million British Thermal Units per cord. It also has enough density for multi-hour burns and produces very little smoke or creosote. All of these factors make it an excellent choice for your firewood needs.

How should you ignite sugar maple firewood?

Due to its higher density, sugar maple is not as easy to light as other types of wood. We have kiln-dried our sugar maple wood to simplify ignition, but you will still more than likely need a fire starter or kindling to get it going. You may also want to consider lighting an easier-to-ignite wood like cedar or birch and then adding sugar maple once you’ve started the fire.

Does sugar maple smell good when burned?

We sure think so! If you’re a fan of the sweet smell of maple syrup, then you’ll also enjoy burning sugar maple wood in your home. The sugary aroma is not overpowering but subtle enough to gently brighten any space. Sugar maple gives off this scent when burned because it has about 2% more sugar than other types of maple wood.

Are sugar maple trees common in the United States?

Yes! You can find sugar maple trees in many places throughout this great country of ours. They mostly grow in the eastern and central parts of the U.S. However, you can also find plenty of them north of the border in Canada.

Does sugar maple make good cooking wood?

Not only does sugar maple make good cooking wood, but it’s one of the top choices of many of today’s best chefs. They love using it for wood-fired cooking because its sweet smoke combines perfectly with many different foods. It goes best with pork, chicken, cheese, veggies and pizza. But you really can’t go wrong adding its sweetness to whatever you want to cook!

Is sugar maple a hardwood or a softwood?

Sugar maple is a hardwood.