4-Inch Sugar Maple Wood Chunks

4-Inch Sugar Maple Wood Chunks

  • Adds a smoky-yet-sweet maple syrupy taste to whatever it smokes
  • 4-inch cube shape provides a high density for multi-hour meat smoking
  • Sized to fit easily in smokers, charcoal-fired grills, pizza ovens and more
  • Free two-day shipping throughout the United States included with every order


4-Inch Kiln-Dried Sugar Maple Wood Chunks for Grills, Smokers and More

Something magical happens when you use our sugar maple wood chunks for smoking. A regular steak transforms into a smoky-sweet sirloin with a subtle maple syrupy taste. We love these sugary chunks for smoking ribs, ham, bacon and turkey. You can also add them to your charcoal pizza oven to sweeten up your wood-fired pizzas.

Each sugar maple chunk is a 4×4-inch cube, making it a perfect fit for kamado-style smokers, charcoal grills and pizza ovens like the Ooni Karu 16 or Bertello wood-fired oven. The wood is small enough to fit easily in whatever cooking contraption you use and yet big enough to smoke for hours on end. So, you can throw a couple of chunks on the coals and relax as they do their thing with very little smoke management required!

And don’t worry about finding any unexpected visitors in these sugar maple wood chunks. We kiln dry all the wood to eliminate all bugs, mildew and fungus. As a result, the pristine wood will burn cleanly with just the right amount of smoke for your meat.

We can send a portable and resealable box of these charming chunks to your door with free two-day shipping nationwide. And we’ll sweeten the deal further by planting one sugar maple tree for every box we divvy out!

Benefits of Our Sugar Maple Wood Chunks

  • Subtly Sweet Smoke – The chunks produce just the right amount of smoke for a faint maple syrup taste.
  • Enhance Whatever You Cook – Sugar maple is great for cooking ham, bacon, turkey, poultry, vegetables, cheeses and more!
  • Combine with Other Wood – Sugar maple chunks pair well with many other types of wood, including oak, cherry and hickory.
  • Perfect Size and Shape – Each cube-shaped piece has a 4-inch diameter to fit easily and smoke for hours.
  • Heat Treated for Performance – The kiln-dried wood produces clean smoke that won’t overpower your meat.
  • No Bugs Allowed – You can rest easy knowing that the kiln-drying process has removed all insects, mold and fungus from the wood.
  • Forests Protected – All sugar maple wood comes sustainably sourced from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

What’s in the Sugar Maple Chunk Hot Box?

  • Type of Wood – 100% pure sugar maple wood
  • Size of Pieces – 4 x 4-inch wood cubes
  • Size of Box – 2900 cubic inches with a weight of approximately 35 pounds
  • Type of Box – 100% recyclable and resealable cardboard container
  • Shipping Details – Free two-day shipping anywhere in the United States
  • Refund and Return Policy – All orders may be returned within 30 days of the date of purchase. For more details, please see our full refund and return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Sugar Maple Smoking Chunks

What are smoking chunks?

Smoking chunks are cube-shaped pieces of wood used for smoking meat and wood-firing pizzas. The ideal size for these chunks is 4 cubic inches because it’s small enough to fit inside most smokers, grills and ovens, yet it’s also dense enough to provide hours of heat and smoke.

What should I cook with my sugar maple chunks?

There’s no wrong answer when deciding what to cook with sugar maple. Anything that will benefit from a subtle, maple syrupy taste is an ideal candidate. And cooking with these chunks is easy. You can place them on top of the coals when cooking with charcoal or add a couple to your pizza oven to create a large base of flavorful coals.

Do you recommend soaking these chunks?

No. Although our sugar maple chunks come super dry from the kiln-drying process, you don’t need to soak them. The wood is still dense enough to burn slowly and soaking it may cause it to produce too much smoke.

What does sugar maple smoke taste like?

Sugar maple smoke has a light, smoky taste with a faint maple syrup flavor.

Are sugar maple chunks an acceptable substitute for charcoal?

Yes! These chunks work great instead of charcoal because they burn extremely hot for a long time.

Why do you kiln dry these smoking chunks?

We firmly believe that all wood used for cooking or smoking must be kiln-dried for two reasons: 1) The kiln-drying process kills off all insects, mold and fungus to purify the wood for cooking, and 2) kiln-dried wood produces higher quality smoke for higher quality flavor.

What size is a box of sugar maple cooking chunks?

The box is 2,900 cubic inches and weighs about 35 pounds.

What wood does sugar maple pair with?

We love the mix of cherry, oak and sugar maple. The mix of fruity and smoky flavors is awesome.

Do you have other types of cooking chunks besides sugar maple?

You bet we do! Besides sugar maple, we also offer oak, cherry and hickory 4-inch chunks for your smoking pleasure.

What is sustainable sourcing and how does it work?

We sustainably source all our firewood. What this means is we only get wood from forests that plant more trees than they harvest. This responsible forest management practice guarantees the forests stay healthy even as we get our firewood from them.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an organization that certifies forest managers that practice sustainable sourcing. We only get wood from forests that have the FSC stamp of approval.