6-Inch Ash Wood


6-Inch Kiln-Dried Ash Wood for Pizza Oven

  • Burns hot with a mild, neutral-flavored smoke perfect for wood-fired pizzas
  • Perfectly sized for Ooni Karu 12, Gozney Roccbox, Solo Stove Pi, Cru 30 and Bertello
  • Contains wood to cook 20 pizzas in smaller, 12-inch oven models
  • Free two-day shipping throughout the United States

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Kiln-Dried Ash Cooking Wood for Portable Pizza Ovens

Want to make gourmet Italian restaurant-quality pizzas in your portable pizza oven? Kiln-dried ash firewood is hailed throughout Italy as the best wood for wood-fired pizzas. Cooking with ash wood creates a flavor that doesn’t overpower the pizza. Instead, it produces a hot and mild, neutral-flavored smoke for delicious results.

What makes our ash wood so good? We cut each piece to a 6-inch length and 1-2-inch diameter, which is the perfect size for popular pizza ovens like the Ooni Karu, Solo Stove Pi, Bertello, Cru and Gozney Roccbox. Then we heat treat it for two days in a firewood kiln to produce an ideal moisture content of below 20%. As a result, the wood lights easily and burns hot and clean. The drying process also eliminates all insects and mold to make the wood safe to use and transport!

Order today and you will receive a resealable box full of this premium quality wood for only $49.95 with free two-day shipping throughout the country. One box contains enough wood to cook 20 pizzas in smaller 12-inch oven models like the Ooni Karu 12 and Gozney Roccbox. All of the wood in Hot Box products comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests that are responsibly managed. Plus, for every Hot Box sold, we plant one tree!

Benefits of Our 6-Inch Ash Wood for Pizza Ovens

  • Restaurant Quality – Ash wood is the choice of the top wood-fired pizza chefs throughout Italy and beyond.
  • Delicious Pizzas – Ash won’t overpower your pizza but will cook it fully with a mild, neutral flavor.
  • Ideal Size – The 6-inch extra split logs will slide right into your portable pizza oven with no problem.
  • Easy to Use – Because it’s kiln-dried, you can light it with one match and enjoy prolonged burns with little smoke.
  • Pest and Insect Free – The wood comes completely free of insects, mold and fungus.
  • Environmentally Friendly – We sustainably source all our wood from FSC-certified forests and plant a tree for every box we sell.

Here’s What’s in a Hot Box of Ash Wood

  • Type of Wood – 100% pure ash wood
  • Size of Pieces – 6-inches long with a 1-2-inch diameter
  • Amount of Wood – 350 cubic inches (enough to make 20 pizzas in smaller 12” pizza ovens)
  • Type of Box – 100% recyclable and resealable cardboard container
  • Shipping Details – Free two-day shipping anywhere in the United States
  • Refund and Return Policy – All orders may be returned within 30 days of the date of purchase. For more details, please see our full refund and return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ash Pizza Oven Wood

What does ash wood smoke taste like?

Ash smoke is very mild, which is why it’s perfect for cooking pizzas. The smoke doesn’t overpower any flavor but still provides a distinct wood-fired flavor to your pizzas.

Can I use 6-inch ash wood with smokers?

Yes! Our 6-inch ash wood is ideal for smoker boxes and certain smaller smokers.

Can I use 6-inch ash wood in my Gozney Dome?

You can, but we suggest using an 8-inch split for the Gozney Dome since it can accommodate larger wood. Hot Box 8-inch cooking wood will work better in larger ovens like the Gozney Dome.

Can you combine kiln-dried ash wood with any other cooking woods?

Yes! We suggest combining ash wood with any of our other 6-inch woods for pizza ovens. To add a fruity flavor, try mixing ash with cherry wood.

What does it mean that your ash wood is sustainably sourced?

All Hot Box wood is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests. These forests are responsibly managed, meaning they aren’t harvested at a rate that outpaces their production. This management ensures the forests stay around and stay healthy.

How many pizzas can you cook with one box?

With efficient cooking, you can cook about 20 pizzas in smaller pizza ovens, such as the Ooni Karu 12, with the Hot Box.

Can I use this wood in my Ooni Karu 16?

Yes, absolutely! However, the Ooni Karu 16 is larger than the Karu 12, so it will take more wood to reach the proper cooking temp. So, you may not be able to cook 20 pizzas with one box of 6-inch ash wood if you’re using the Karu 16. However, the wood will still work great.

We suggest using Hot Box 8-inch cooking wood for the Karu 16 to cook more pizzas per box.

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