8-Inch Birch Wood


8-Inch Birch Logs

  • Lights easily and burns hot with a beautiful blue flame
  • Produces a pleasing smell for outdoor fires in fire pits or chimineas
  • Split to the ideal length for smaller fireplaces, chimineas and Solo Stove fire pits
  • All boxes come with free two-day shipping throughout the United States

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8-Inch Kiln-Dried Birch Logs for Chimineas, Fire Pits and More

Nothing gets a fire started quite like birch logs. This charming species of firewood is one of the easiest to light and burns with a beautiful blue flame. And while it doesn’t burn for as long as other hardwoods, like oak or hickory, it pairs well with those woods for a great fire-burning experience. We also love its slight wintergreen aroma.

What sets these birch wood logs apart? For one thing, they are split to a delightfully compact size of 8 inches long with a 1-2-inch diameter. This smaller size makes them especially easy to use in more compact fire pits like the Solo Stove Ranger. They also fit cozily into chimineas, smaller fireplaces and wood-burning stoves.

As we mentioned, birch logs light easily under normal circumstances. However, our birch firewood is even simpler to light because we kiln dry it. Every piece goes into a massive kiln for two days and comes out as dry as a bone. With very little excess moisture and no unwanted pests or mold, the wood couldn’t be any easier to ignite for a beautiful, clean burn.

We take the finest pieces of our kiln-dried birch hardwood and place them in a resealable carrying case. It then ships anywhere in the United States for free in only two days. And we plant one tree for each box we sell so that the gift of birch wood can keep on giving!

Benefits of Our 8-Inch Birch Wood

  • Excellent Firestarter – Our kiln-dried birch is super simple to ignite for a quick fire whenever you need it.
  • Attractive Flames – Birch is known for its lovely blue flames, which make for a delightful decorative fire.
  • Compact Size – Have a smaller fire pit or chiminea? These 8-inch birch logs will slide in with no problem!
  • Optimized for Burning – Our kiln-drying process gets the wood down below the 20% moisture threshold for the best burns.
  • No Unpleasant Pests – Kiln-drying eliminates any insects, mold, pesticides and fungus from the wood.
  • Endlessly Sustainable – All our birch is responsibly harvested from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

What’s in the Birch Hot Box?

  • Type of Wood – 100% pure birch logs
  • Size of Pieces – 8 inches long with a 1-2-inch diameter
  • Amount of Wood – 1,300 cubic inches
  • Type of Box – 100% reusable and recyclable carrying case
  • Shipping Details – Free two-day shipping anywhere in the United States
  • Refund and Return Policy – All orders may be returned within 30 days of the date of purchase. For more details, please see our full refund and return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Birch Wood

Does birch firewood burn hot?

Birch wood burns very hot but also burns very quickly. Birch has a heat content of 20.8 million BTUs (British Thermal Units) per cord. This is more than cedar wood, which has about 13 million BTUs per cord, but significantly less than oak, which has 30.7 million BTUs per cord.

However, despite having lower overall heat content, birch still burns HOT. Rest assured that burning birch wood will keep you warm, just not for as long as oak or hickory firewood.

What does birch firewood smell like?

Burning birch wood has a very slight smell that isn’t overpowering. You may notice a subtle wintergreen aroma to your birch firewood, kind of like you would notice with certain evergreen species, even though birch is a hardwood.

Are 8-inch birch logs compatible with Solo Stove fire pits?

Yes. Our 8-inch birch firewood logs are perfect for the Solo Stove Ranger fire pit. We’d also recommend them for the Solo Stove Bonfire and Solo Stove Yukon.

Is birch hard to ignite?

No, birch is extremely easy to ignite compared to other hardwoods. In fact, birch is often used as a fire starter to get it going quickly.

Can you cook with 8-inch birch wood logs?

You can cook with birch firewood, but we don’t particularly recommend it. Birch has a slightly bitter taste, and though it burns clean, we don’t think it’s as good as other firewood options for cooking.

Do you recommend 8-inch birch wood for my fireplace?

You can use 8-inch logs in your fireplace. However, we recommend using our 16-inch kiln-dried birch firewood if you have a full-size fireplace.

Where do birch trees grow?

Birch trees grow all the way across North America from Alaska to Maine and as far south as Virginia.

Do birch logs mix well with other firewood?

Yes! We recommend mixing birch with other types of firewood. Since birch burns hot, it helps other longer-lasting types of wood ignite quickly.

Can you use 8-inch birch wood for smoking?

You can, but we don’t recommend it. Birch tends to burn with a bitter, darker smoke in a smoker, which does not pair well with most foods.

Will 8-inch wood work with my wood-burning stove?

Yes, the 8-inch length works well in wood-burning stoves, especially smaller wood-burning stoves. If you’re heating your home, we recommend using birch with a long-burning firewood like oak, piñon or hickory. Depending on the size of your wood-burning stove, you may find that 16-inch full-sized firewood works better than 8-inch wood.

Is birch firewood a hardwood or a softwood?

Birch is a hardwood.