16-Inch Hickory Firewood


16-Inch Kiln-Dried Hickory Firewood

  • Burns longer and provides more heat than any other firewood
  • Produces comforting crackles with very little smoke or sparks
  • Adds a delicious bacon-like flavor when smoking meat
  • Includes free two-day shipping throughout the United States
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16-Inch Kiln-Dried Hickory Firewood for Fire Pits, Wood Grills and More

Looking for a raging hot, crackling fire to melt your troubles away? Then you need the high-performing heat of our hickory firewood. This super dense hardwood creates longer and hotter burns than any other type of wood. It also produces very little smoke. So, you won’t have to worry about it stinging your eyes as you enjoy its soothing flames.

Beyond this, our 16-inch hickory logs are also excellent for smoking meat. The dense logs can smoke your bacon, pork or ribs for hours and imbue the meat with classic, Texas barbeque flavor. We recommend combining hickory with our oak, cherry or sugar maple firewood for the perfect balance of flavors.

We enhance the performance of our hickory wood by kiln drying it for 48 hours. Every log comes out with less than 20% moisture for exceptionally hot and clean burns. Kiln-dried wood also contains no insects, mold or fungus, making it the most pristine firewood possible.

This clean wood comes neatly packaged in a resealable case for simple use and storage. We can ship boxes to you anywhere in the country with free two-day shipping and will plant one tree for every box you purchase. It doesn’t get much hotter than that!

Benefits of Our 16-Inch Hickory Firewood

  • Nothing Hotter – This ultra-dense wood provides more prolonged heat than any other type of wood.
  • Super Clean – Enjoy comforting crackles with very little smoke or sparks.
  • Magnificent Meat – Hickory’s bacon-like smoke pairs well with bacon, pork, ribs and many other types of meat.
  • Ideal Dryness – The kiln-dried wood has very little moisture in it for the longest, hottest and cleanest burns possible.
  • Clean Firewood – The kiln-drying process removes all insects, mold and fungus from the wood.
  • Protect Our Forests – We sustainably source all of our wood from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

What’s in the Hickory Firewood Hot Box?

  • Type of Wood – 100% pure hickory firewood
  • Size of Pieces – 16-inch full-sized firewood logs
  • Type of Box – Recyclable and resealable container
  • Box Dimensions – 16 inches x 9 inches x 19.5 inches
  • Shipping Details – Free two-day shipping throughout the United States
  • Refund and Return Policy – You may return your order up to 30 days after it was purchased. For more details, please review our full refund and return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our 16-Inch Hickory Firewood

How does hickory burn for firewood?

Hickory firewood burns better than any other type of firewood. It can burn for hours because of its high density, and it contains 27.7 million British Thermal Units (BTUs) of heat per cord. While this is lower than the 30.7 million BTUs in a cord of oak wood, hickory produces its heat more efficiently than oak for the hottest results. It also produces very little smoke and harmful emissions for a safe and enjoyable fire.

Can you cook with hickory firewood?

Absolutely! You’ve probably seen the word hickory used in the names of restaurants and barbeque sauces. This is because the firewood’s reputation precedes it as one of the best cooking woods in the world. Hickory pairs especially well with savory, fatty meats like bacon, brisket, ribs and pork shoulder.

Having said this, we also want to caution you not to go overboard when cooking with hickory logs. Too much hickory smoke can make your food taste bitter. So, we recommend combining hickory with another type of wood, such as oak, cherry or sugar maple to balance things out.

How do you start a fire with hickory wood?

Hickory is not the easiest wood to ignite. We make it easier by kiln-drying most of the moisture out of our wood. However, you will still most likely need a fire starter to get it going. A natural or gas fire starter should work for this. You can also use kindling logs and an easy-igniting wood like cedar or birch to get the fire going before adding hickory firewood.

Where does hickory firewood grow?

You can find hickory trees right here in America. They mostly grow east of the Mississippi River.

What makes hickory good firewood?

Hickory wood burns so well that you can use it for almost anything. Its long, hot and clean burns make it perfect for an indoor fireplace or outdoor bonfire. It is also one of the best types of firewood for smoking meat or wood-fired cooking.

Is hickory a softwood or a hardwood?

Hickory is a hardwood.