Kiln-Dried Pizza Oven Cooking Wood

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Hot Box Cooking Wood has premium kiln-dried oak firewood that lights easily and burns hot with little smoke. Best of all? It’s mini-cut to cook over 20 pizzas in the most popular portable pizza ovens.

Size Matters… for Pizza Oven Wood

Firewood bundles from the grocery store work for campfires but not for wood-fired pizza. The small openings on portable pizza ovens like the Ooni Pro, Ooni Karu, Bertello and Gozney Roccbox demand small wood. So, why keep trying to cram a large peg into a small hole?

That’s why we cut our kiln-dried oak to six inches. The tiny size is optimal for tiny ovens! It fits easily in the small openings and burns extremely hot for the best wood-fired pizzas possible.

A man crafts Hot Box 6" pizza oven wood

Why Kiln-Dried Pizza Oven Wood is The Best

Better Performance

Kiln-dried wood has a moisture content of below 20%, making it optimal for burning. This translates to easier ignition and hotter burns than regular firewood.

Delicious Taste

When it comes to choosing kiln-dried hardwood for pizza ovens, you can’t go wrong with oak. The wood will give your pizzas a mouthwatering smoky flavor.

No Bugs, Mold or Fungus

Kiln-drying kills invasive pests and fungi that can harm forests, such as the gypsy moth and oak wilt. So, the wood is always safe to transport and use at home.

Sustainably Sourced, Always

At Hot Box Cooking Wood, we care about preserving our forests. For this reason, all oak in our pizza oven wood is sustainably sourced from local tree harvesters. And, for every Hot Box sold, we plant one tree.

Light Up with Us!

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How To Order Cooking Wood For Your Portable Pizza Oven?

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