16-Inch Piñon Firewood


16-Inch Kiln-Dried Piñon Firewood

  • Pleasant pine scent is excellent for keeping away mosquitoes
  • The best softwood for hot burns with minimal smoke or sparks
  • Perfect for outdoor fire pits, chimineas and indoor fireplaces
  • Comes with free two-day shipping throughout the country

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16-Inch Piñon Firewood for Chimineas, Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Gather around the campfire and enjoy the fresh scent of this softwood that burns like a hardwood. Not only does this piñon pine firewood smell great, but it also drives away mosquitoes! So, you won’t have to worry about those bloodsuckers ruining your next summer bonfire. The 16-inch logs fit perfectly in full-sized fire pits and chimineas.

Piñon firewood is also great for indoor fireplace use. It produces an incredible amount of heat for a softwood, making it an excellent choice for keeping warm in the winter. It also produces minimal smoke or sparks, so you won’t have to worry about it damaging your home or chimney. Instead, you can sit back and enjoy the fragrant pine tree scent.

We make our piñon extra special by kiln-drying it for 48 hours. This process removes most of the moisture from the wood for easy ignition and exceptional performance.

A resealable box of this natural mosquito repellant could be yours with free two-day shipping nationwide. And the best part is we’ll plant a tree for every piñon box sold!

Benefits of Our Piñon Firewood

  • Hot and Clean Burns – Although it’s a softwood, piñon is still one of the best performing woods available.
  • Protective Pine Scent – Piñon’s pine aroma is both pleasing and a natural defense against mosquitoes.
  • Versatile Uses – You can use the 16-inch wood in a fire pit, fireplace, chiminea or other larger equipment.
  • Dry as a Bone – We heat treat and kiln-dry the wood to a moisture level of below 20% for great burns.
  • Pests Removed – You don’t have to worry about any insects, mold or fungus in the wood because the drying process removes them, too!
  • Sourced Sustainably – Every piece of piñon we produce comes from a forest certified by the FSC for responsible harvesting practices.

What’s in the Piñon Firewood Hot Box?

  • Type of Wood – 100% pure piñon firewood
  • Size of Pieces – 16-inch full-sized firewood logs
  • Type of Box – Recyclable and resealable container
  • Box Dimensions – 16 inches x 9 inches x 19.5 inches
  • Shipping Details – Free two-day shipping throughout the United States
  • Refund and Return Policy – You may return your order up to 30 days after it was purchased. For more details, please review our full refund and return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Piñon Firewood

Does piñon wood keep mosquitoes away?

Yes! It may seem strange that something as simple as burning piñon wood could drive away mosquitoes. But what you must understand about these insects is that they have a super strong sense of smell. Because of this, certain odors are just too much for them to bear.

This is the case with the distinct scent of piñon firewood. While we humans love the classic pine aroma, mosquitoes hate it and flee from it like the plague! Because of this, gathering around a piñon campfire is one of the safest things to do outdoors during mosquito season.

How do you spell piñon? Is it piñon, pinion or pinyon?

The answer is it can be spelled all three ways!

How does piñon wood burn?

Piñon burns shockingly well for a softwood. Softwood species usually don’t produce as much heat and have dirtier smoke than their hardwood counterparts. But piñon is the exception to that rule!

Although it doesn’t produce as much heat as a hardwood like oak (30.7 BTUs per cord), piñon is hot on its tail at 27.1 BTUs per cord. Plus, it produces very little popping, crackling and smoke compared to other softwoods while still providing an awesome pine aroma.

Can piñon wood be burned inside?

Absolutely! The two biggest benefits of piñon for indoor fires are 1) it produces a lot of heat to keep your home warm, and 2) its comforting pine aroma will make your home smell great.

Can you use piñon wood to roast marshmallows?

Yes! Marshmallows are the one food safe to cook over piñon firewood since it doesn’t take long to roast them. The smoke won’t have enough time to sour the taste of the marshmallow before it’s fully roasted and ready for a delicious s’more!

Can you smoke with piñon firewood?

Using piñon wood for smoking or cooking is not recommended. The firewood sours the taste of anything smoked over it because it contains a lot of resin and sap.

Where should I burn piñon firewood?

You can use piñon indoors or outdoors. However, we recommend burning it outdoors in a chiminea. By burning it outdoors, you will take full advantage of all of piñon’s benefits, including its ability to naturally repel mosquitoes. We recommend outdoor burning in a chiminea because it produces hotter fires and keeps any smoke from getting in your eyes.

Why do some people call piñon the hardwood of softwoods?

Although piñon is technically a softwood, it produces the hot, clean burns you’d expect to receive from a hardwood. Its heat content is comparable to oak or hickory, and it produces very little smoke or ash.

Where does piñon grow?

Piñon pine trees grow in desert areas of the southwestern United States and Mexico. You can find piñon trees in Colorado, Arizona and Utah.

Are there different kinds of piñon pine trees?

There are several different kinds of pine trees considered piñon pine trees. Two of the most common are the two-needle piñon and the single-leaf piñon. Each of them grows in the southwestern United States and can be reliably dried into great firewood.