Tiny Cooking Wood for Tiny Ovens and Massive Flavor

Zoomed in view of Hox Box Cooking Wood

Get wood split to fit snugly in portable pizza ovens, smokers, fire pits and kamado grills. Each single-species box of premium hardwood comes kiln-dried for optimal performance and ships free throughout the U.S.

Perfectly Sized Wood Every Time

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. You get wood for your portable pizza oven or smoker and must chop it down further to make it fit. Nobody’s got time for that! You deserve wood that can come out of the box and into the oven.

At Hox Box Cooking Wood, we split our wood into two lengths that fit most wood-burning appliances:

  • 6-inch wood for portable pizza ovens, like the Ooni Karu, Gozney Roccbox, Cru, & Bertello Wood-Fired oven
  • 8-inch wood for larger pizza ovens, smokers, kamado grills, fire pits and more

Size matters for cooking wood. So, stop compromising and get carefully split and boxed wood instead.

A man crafts Hot Box 6" pizza oven wood

Perfectly Sized Wood Every Time

The type of wood you cook with makes all the difference. Our hardwood species come hand selected for quality and responsibly harvested to satisfy your craving. Take your next wood-fired pizza or smoked brisket to the next level with kiln-dried oak, hickory, ash, cherry or sugar maple. We also have birch, piñon and cedar available to set the mood with a crackling fire.

Ships Right Away

You can get a Hot Box delivered to your doorstep throughout the United States! The wood comes in a resealable carrying case for easy transport and storage.

And don’t worry about ordering too much wood. We sustainably source all the wood we use from FSC-certified forests and plant one tree for every box we sell.

A box of Hot Box Cooking wood sits on top of a log and next to a portable pizza oven

All Wood Comes Kiln-Dried for These Benefits

Better Performance

The wood is dried in a 260°F kiln for 48 hours to reduce the moisture content below 20%. This translates to quicker ignition and hotter, longer and cleaner fires.

No Bugs, Mold or Fungus

Kiln drying kills invasive pests and fungi that can harm forests, such as the gypsy moth and oak wilt. So, the wood is always safe to transport and use at home.

Delicious Results

Top chefs across the country swear by kiln-dried wood as the best cooking wood. Its smoke won’t overpower your food but will add the right amount of flavor.

Order Your Good Wood Today

Sick of trying to jam big wood into tiny ovens? Get the exact size and species of kiln-dried wood you need. We’ll box it up and deliver it to your door. It’s as simple as that at Hot Box!