Firewood Delivery with Free Two-Day Shipping Nationwide

Getting top quality firewood just got a whole lot easier! Our responsibly harvested hardwood comes kiln-dried for the cleanest, hottest burns and packaged in a resealable box. It also contains no insects, pesticides or mold. And the best part is you can have it right away with FREE two-day shipping throughout the United States!

Get Top Quality Wood Delivery at Competitive Prices

Why buy firewood online from Hot Box Cooking Wood? Not only does our wood stand toe to toe and outperform the likes of Cutting-Edge Firewood, but it’s also more affordable. Compare the pricing of our kiln-dried wood with any competitor offering a similar product. Go ahead. You’ll see our prices are lower.

Plus, we offer the fastest and most affordable shipping option on the firewood market: free two-day shipping anywhere in the United States! Need to smoke some ribs in Hawaii? We’ve got you covered! Craving a wood-fired pizza in Phoenix? The free two-day shipping applies to you, too!

We’re passionate about being the country’s most convenient source of premium kiln-dried wood. Order yours today!

Graphic illustrating that Hot Box provides free two-day shipping on firewood delivery nationwide

Choose the Best Size Wood for Your Needs

You shouldn’t have to cut or cram your wood to make it fit. That’s why we offer multiple size options for however you choose to use the wood. You can explore our three size options below.

16-Inch Firewood for Fireplaces, Campfires & Large Pizza Ovens

Looking for big flames to impress your guests? Our packaged 16-inch firewood is the ideal option for outdoor campfires, bonfires, indoor fireplaces, full-sized pizza ovens and larger smokers. It also comes kiln-dried for amazing burns. You can mix and match the following premium hardwood boxes:

  • Birch
  • Cedar
  • Cherry
  • Hickory
  • Piñon
  • Oak
  • Sugar Maple

8-Inch Logs for Smokers, Pizza Ovens, Small Fire Pits & More

Our 8-inch wood works great in most vertical, offset or horizontal smokers and in larger pizza ovens like the Ooni Karu 16 and Gozney Dome. Have a smaller fire pit? The wood fits easily in small and medium Solo Stoves, small firepits, indoor wood stoves and wood grills. It comes in these species:

  • Birch
  • Cedar
  • Cherry
  • Hickory
  • Piñon
  • Oak
  • Sugar Maple

6-Inch Extra Split Wood for Small Portable Pizza Ovens

Our tiniest wood comes optimally sized for portable pizza ovens like the Ooni Karu 12, Solo Stove Pi, Bertello, Cru 30 or Gozney Roccbox. Each piece is 6 inches long with a diameter of 1-2 inches to slide right in those small openings. The 6-inch wood comes in any of these gourmet flavors:

  • Ash
  • Blended (Mix of Oak, Cherry and Sugar Maple)
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Sugar Maple

Find Your Favorite Wood Flavor

Whether you’re making a wood-fired pizza or want to enjoy a delightful campfire, the right type of wood makes all the difference. You can get to know the different wood species we offer below.


  • Burns with a hot, steady flame and very little smoke
  • The wood of choice for Italian restaurant-quality wood-fire pizzas
  • Size available: 6-inch extra split


  • Generates moderate heat, nice smell and beautiful flame
  • An excellent option for smoking or grilling pork, poultry or fish
  • Sizes available: 8-inch logs and 16-inch firewood


  • Produces a unique, pleasant aroma and lots of crackling
  • Perfect for outdoor fireplaces and pairing with other woods
  • Sizes available: 8-inch logs and 16-Inch firewood


  • Beloved for its sweet and subtle fruity flavor and smell
  • Works as firewood or for cooking pizzas and smoking meats
  • Sizes available: 6-inch extra split, 8-inch logs or 16-inch firewood


  • Provides the hottest burns of any wood with little smoke or sparks
  • Thrives with barbeque and all meats
  • Sizes available: 8-inch logs and 16-inch firewood


  • Very dense hardwood for extremely clean and hot burns
  • Mild, smoky flavor works well for all wood-fired cooking
  • Sizes available: 6-inch extra split, 8-inch logs or 16-inch firewood


  • Produces a strong, fragrant aroma with very little smoke or crackling
  • Excellent for outdoor fireplaces and chimineas
  • Sizes available: 8-inch logs or 16-inch firewood

Sugar Maple

  • Delights the senses with a subtle maple-syrupy taste and aroma
  • Makes delicious pizza, pork, beef, vegetables and more
  • Sizes available: 6-inch extra split, 8-inch logs or 16-inch firewood

Experience the Kiln-Dried Difference

We put all our wood through a two-day kiln-drying process. Why? Because nothing burns better than kiln-dried firewood!

Before the wood goes in the kiln it contains over 60% moisture. If we tried to burn it, the wood would be hard to ignite and fizzle out quickly with way too much smoke!

But after just two days in the kiln, it comes out with an ideal moisture content of below 20%. As a result, it’s easy to light and creates extremely hot prolonged burns with very little smoke. The kiln-drying process also kills any insects or mold that may have been lurking in the wood.

No other drying process can produce firewood in this pristine condition. We box up this perfection and it comes to your door ready to burn right away!

Enjoy Free Two-Day Shipping Anywhere in the United States

It would be our honor to become your local firewood supplier. No matter where you are, when you order from us, your quality wood will arrive two days after your order is processed. The wood will be in prime burning condition right when you open the box. All you have to do is strike the match. That’s our promise.

Plus, you don’t have to feel guilty about ordering so much wood because we plant one tree for every box you order!

So, what are you waiting for? Order your Hot Box to start smoking!