Portable Pizza Oven Wood – 6 Inch Mini-Cut Logs


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Kiln-Dried Oak Cooking Wood – 6 Inch, Mini-Cut Logs For Portable, Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens, 1 Box

Each box contains enough wood for up to 20 wood-fired pizzas. Enjoy optimally sized kiln-dried wood for pizza ovens with the delicious flavor only premium oak can provide!

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Kiln-Dried Oak Wood for Portable Pizza Ovens

Sick of having to cut and cram wood that is too big into your portable pizza oven? Hot Box kiln-dried oak wood is cut to 6 inches to fit easily into popular ovens like the Ooni Karu, Ooni Pro, Bertello and Gozney Roccbox. The tiny wood slides right in for the easy to light wood-fires for over 20 pizzas per box!

This restaurant-quality premium oak wood produces a long, scorching burn and subtle smoky flavor perfect for wood-fired pizzas. And since it comes 100% kiln-dried for incredibly low moisture content, our portable pizza oven wood creates a clean burn with no pests or mold every time!

All wood comes sustainably sourced in a 100% recyclable and resealable box. Plus, for every box we sell, we plant one tree! Get yours today with nationwide free shipping on every order.


What makes our kiln-dried wood for pizza ovens so good? You’ll love the warm glow of these killer perks:

  • Long Lasting– Each box cooks up to 20 pizzas. Heat to 900 degrees with only 6 pieces of cooking wood.
  • Perfect Fit – Cut to 6”, Hot Box pizza oven wood fits the most popular portable pizza ovens.
  • Easy to Start – Kiln-drying reduces the moisture content of our pizza oven wood, making it extremely easy to ignite.
  • Delicious Results – The world’s best chefs swear by kiln-dried oak wood as the best for making delicious wood-fired pizzas.
  • No Bugs, Mold or Pests – A state-of-the-art kiln-drying process removes the bugs, pests and mold that can be found in freshly felled wood.
  • Sustainably Sourced – We only harvest wood that would otherwise be wasted and plant a tree for every box of wood we sell.
  • Safe to Transport – Since the wood is kiln-dried and pest-free, it’s legal to transport wherever you take your portable pizza oven.

Additional Information

Type of Wood – Kiln-dried oak wood

Length of Wood Pieces – 6 inches (perfectly sized for portable pizza ovens)

Amount of Wood in Box – 350 cubic inches (enough to make 20 pizzas)

Shipping Method – United States Postal Service (tracking number provided)

Cost of Shipping – Free nationwide

Average Delivery Time – 3-5 days after you order

Refund & Return Policy – You may return a product within 30 days of the date of purchase. Full Refund & Return Policy

Additional information

Dimensions 6.75 × 11 × 5.25 in

7 reviews for Portable Pizza Oven Wood – 6 Inch Mini-Cut Logs

  1. Joe Bongiovani

    Perfect for portable pizza ovens in the backyard!

  2. Alec S.

    I received an early Hot Box to test, and have to say it’s the best wood I’ve used. I’d been cutting up chunk wood myself prior to receiving this, and am lucky to still have all my fingers. The wood burned a long time in my Ooni, and lit up right away. Perfect for Neapolitan style pizza.

  3. Brian B.

    Pretty …. Pretty …………Pretty Good !!!

  4. Stanley F.

    Good luck if you think you’re jamming full size logs in your Ooni oven. I was that guy. Luckily my neighbor hooked me up with tiny wood, apparently that’s a thing? Hot Box ftw.

  5. Eric Hardesty

    I am fortunate enough to get a box of this cooking wood through a contact. If you have a wood oven like a Oonie, you know the challenges of finding the right sized wood. Who wants to chop, sheer, splinter wood just to get the right size when the kids are clamoring for their pizza? With Hotbox, no need for for me to do any work other than get the stove ready. Thank you Hotbox for the wood!

  6. Scott Williams

    The mini splits were great to work with, creating a nice rolling flame in my Ooni Pro! Thanks to Hot Box for ensuring an excellent pizza night!

  7. Maxie

    6inches of greatness

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