8-Inch Cherry Wood


8-Inch Cherry Cooking Wood Splits

  • Adds a unique sweet, fruity flavor when cooking or smoking food
  • Beloved for its subtly sweet, fruity aroma
  • 8-inch length is perfect for smaller outdoor fireplaces, chimineas and Solo Stove fire pits
  • Free two-day shipping throughout the USA

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8-Inch Kiln-Dried Cherry Wood for Fire Pits, Chimineas and More

Our cherry wood has a beautiful dark red color like a Valentine’s Day heart and is just as lovely to use. Whether you want to cook with it or enjoy the glow of its flames, cherry has a lot of love to give. It adds a touch of fruity sweetness to whatever it smokes, making it perfect for cooking all meats, pizza and more. And its medium heat, unique fruity scent and occasional sparks will warm your heart as you keep warm by it under the stars.

We’ve taken this delightful wood and made it super enjoyable to use by splitting and drying it with care. Each piece is hand-split down to an 8-inch length and 1-2-inch diameter. Why these measurements? Because they make our cherry wood splits the ideal size for many wood-burning appliances. It fits great in most vertical, offset or horizontal smokers and Solo Stove fire pits. If you like wood-fired pizzas, the 8-inch length is also ideal for larger portable pizza ovens, such as the Ooni Karu 16 or Gozney Dome.

Not only does our 8-inch cherry firewood fit in most small fire pits and ovens, but it also burns like a charm because it’s kiln-dried. We dry all our cherry wood in massive kilns for 48 hours to take out the moisture and kill all mold and pests. It comes out pristine and primed for easy ignition and prolonged, clean burns.

We package this pure cherry hardwood in a resealable box and send it throughout the United States with free two-day shipping. And for every box we sell, we plant one tree to keep our forests healthy and sustainable.

  • Fruity Goodness – The sweet scent will delight your gatherings, and the subtle taste will enhance your meat and pizza.
  • Great for All Meats – The fruity taste of cherry pairs well with poultry, pork, wild game, lamb, some seafood and more!
  • Exceptional Performance – With a moisture content below 20%, our cherry wood lights quickly and burns cleanly for a long time.
  • The Perfect Size – 8 inches is the optimal size for small-to-mid-sized fire pits, smokers, pizza ovens and more!
  • No Mold or Insects – Any bugs, mold or fungus that may have been lurking in the wood are destroyed in the kiln-drying process.
  • Forest Protection – We sustainably source all our cherry wood from FSC-certified forests and plant one tree for every box sold.

What’s in the Cherry Hot Box?

  • Type of Wood – 100% pure cherry wood
  • Size of Pieces – 8 inches long with a 1-2-inch diameter
  • Amount of Wood – 1,300 cubic inches
  • Type of Box – 100% reusable and recyclable case
  • Shipping Details – Free two-day shipping anywhere in the United States
  • Refund and Return Policy – All orders may be returned within 30 days of the date of purchase. For more details, please see our full refund and return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our 8-Inch Cherry Firewood

Is cherry good for firewood?

Cherry firewood has a moderate heat content, a great scent, and produces very little smoke. It’s extremely popular for indoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits alike. Many people also enjoy using cherry wood for cooking because of the subtle, fruity taste it imparts. Overall, cherry firewood is a great choice no matter how you plan to use it.

Does cherry hardwood burn hot?

Yes! Cherry firewood burns with a moderate heat for a long time. The wood has a heat content of 20.4 million BTU (British Thermal Units) per cord. This is lower than other hardwoods like oak at 30.7 million BTUs per cord but higher than softwood like cedar with only 12.2-13 million BTUs per cord.

What does cherry smoke taste like?

Cherry smoke has a mild, distinct, fruity flavor. It pairs well with every meat and is extremely versatile. We like cherry logs for smoking chicken, pork and beef.

Are these 8-inch splits compatible with Solo Stove fire pits?

Yes. Hot Box’s 8-inch cherry logs are perfect for the Solo Stove Ranger fire pit. They also work great in the Solo Stove Bonfire and Yukon fire pits.

Where does cherry wood grow?

Cherry wood grows throughout the eastern and central parts of the United States.

Does cherry firewood spark a lot?

Cherry tends to spark more than other hardwoods like oak or hickory. However, it will not spark as much as softwoods like piñon or cedar.

What does cherry wood smell like?

Cherry burns with a subtle, fruity smell that isn’t too smoky. This subtle aroma from cherry wood can last a long time in your home, leaving it with a pleasant smell that you’ll love. It’s highly recommended for indoor fireplaces because it burns clean without an overpowering smoky smell.

Will smoking food with cherry wood change the color of my food?

Yes, certain foods will darken when they are smoked with cherry wood. Chicken, specifically, will get a dark skin when smoked with cherry wood. Don’t worry, though, because this dark color is not harmful.

If you want to avoid this darkening effect, we recommend mixing cherry with other cooking woods, such as oak or hickory.

Can I use 8-inch cherry logs in my fireplace?

Yes, you can use our 8-inch firewood in your fireplace. However, we recommend using our 16-inch kiln-dried firewood if you have a full-size fireplace.

What color is cherry firewood?

Cherry firewood has a darker reddish color, making it instantly recognizable.

How many pizzas can you cook with one box?

With efficient cooking, you can cook about 20 pizzas in smaller pizza ovens, such as the Ooni Karu 12, with the Hot Box.

Should I use cherry wood logs for smoking?

Yes! Cherry is a unique, versatile smoking wood. It has a mild fruity flavor that pairs well with almost every food. It’s also a great wood to use for longer smokes because it will not overpower your food with smoky flavor.

Can you use 8-inch cherry wood for cooking?

Absolutely, yes. We highly recommend cherry wood for over-the-fire cooking. Cherry wood has a subtle, fruity smoke that won’t overpower foods. It gives food a delicious, unique flavor.

Cherry smoke pairs well with almost any meat, including beef, pork, duck and poultry. It works great with veggies for side dishes as well. It also pairs beautifully with sugar maple wood and oak wood to create a unique mix of smoky, sweet flavors.

Will 8-inch wood work with my wood-burning stove?

Yes, 8-inch logs work well in wood-burning stoves, especially smaller wood-burning stoves. If you’re heating your home, we recommend using a long-burning firewood, such as oak, piñon or hickory. Depending on the size of your wood-burning stove, you may find that 16-inch full sized cherry firewood works better than the 8-inch size.

Is cherry a softwood or a hardwood?

Cherry is a hardwood.