6-Inch Cherry Wood


6-Inch Cherry Cooking Wood for Portable Pizza Ovens

  • Adds a mild, sweet and fruity flavor to your wood-fired creations
  • Optimally sized for the Ooni Karu 12, Cru 30, Solo Stove Pi, Bertello and Gozney Roccbox
  • Each box has enough wood to cook 20 pizzas in 12-inch pizza ovens
  • Includes free two-day shipping nationwide

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Kiln-Dried Cherry Wood for Portable Pizza Ovens

Looking to add a sweet, fruity flavor to the pizzas you make with your portable oven? You can produce gourmet-quality pies like a pro with our 6-inch cherry cooking wood! Cherry wood is beloved for the subtle, rich and fruity flavor it adds to wood-fired pizzas. It also pairs well with poultry, pork and beef and balances perfectly with oak, hickory, maple or pecan wood.

Not only does our cherry cooking wood produce delicious results, but it also comes crafted for the best pizza-making experience. At 6-inches long and 1-2-inches in diameter, the wood fits easily into small portable ovens like the Ooni Karu 12, Gozney Roccbox, Bertello, Solo Stove Pi and Cru 30. The wood also comes kiln-dried to perfection for hot and clean single-match burns. The process also kills invasive pests and mold, making the wood safe to use anywhere!

All this goodness comes lovingly packaged in a 100% recyclable and resealable box. And each box houses enough cooking wood to cook 20 pizzas! You can order it today for only $49.95 plus free two-day shipping anywhere in the U.S. Plus, for every box of sustainably sourced wood you order, we plant a tree!

Benefits of Our 6-Inch Cherry Wood for Pizza Ovens

  • Sweet Flavor – Nothing enhances the sweetness of wood-fired pizza like the mild smokiness and fruity taste of cherry.
  • Great for Meat – Not only does it enhance pizzas, but cherry also pairs well with poultry, pork, wild game, lamb and some seafood.
  • Mixes with Other Woods – Cherry cooking wood balances well with oak, hickory, maple or pecan wood.
  • Fits Perfectly – The tiny pieces come cut to the optimal size for easily fitting into portable pizza ovens.
  • Best Cooking Experience – The kiln-dried wood has very little moisture for the easiest, hottest and cleanest burns possible.
  • No Unwanted Pests – The kiln-drying process eliminates all insects, mold and fungi.
  • Responsibly-Sourced – All wood we harvest would otherwise be wasted, and we plant a tree for every box we sell.

Here’s What’s in a Cherry Hot Box

  • Type of Wood – 100% pure cherry wood
  • Size of Pieces – Length of 6-inches and diameter of 1-2-inches
  • Amount of Wood – 350 cubic inches (enough to make 20 pizzas in a 12-inch oven)
  • Type of Box – 100% recyclable and resealable cardboard container
  • Shipping Details – Free two-day shipping anywhere in the United States
  • Refund and Return Policy – You may return your order within 30 days of the date of purchase. For more details, please see our full refund and return policy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cherry Cooking Wood

What ovens work with 6-inch cherry cooking wood?

This 6-inch cherry wood is optimized for the Ooni Karu 12, Cru 30, Gozney Roccbox, Bertello Wood-Fired Oven, Solo Stove Pi and other small pizza ovens with a size of around 12-inches.

What does cherry wood smoke taste like?

Cherry smoke has a distinct, fruity flavor with a recognizable aroma and taste. This fruity smoke will imbue your pizza with a delightful flavor sensation you won’t soon forget.

Can I use this wood in my Ooni Karu 16?

Yes, absolutely! However, the Ooni Karu 16 is larger than the Karu 12, so it will take more wood to reach the proper cooking temp. So, you may not get 20 pizzas out of a box if you’re using the Karu 16, but the wood will still work great. We suggest using our 8-inch cherry cooking wood for the Karu 16 in order to get more pizzas.

How many pizzas can you cook with one cherry Hot Box?

With efficient cooking, you can cook about 20 pizzas in smaller pizza ovens like the Ooni Karu 12 with the 6-inch cherry Hot Box.

Can you combine cherry cooking wood with any other types of pizza oven wood?

Yes! We suggest combining cherry with oak wood to create a longer, hotter burn. But cherry also pairs well with almost all cooking woods.

Can I use this wood in my Gozney Dome?

You can, but we suggest using a larger 8-inch cherry wood split for the Gozney Dome since it can accommodate a bigger size. Our 8-inch cherry logs will work better in a larger oven like the Gozney Dome.

Can I use Hot Box wood with smokers?

Yes! Our 6-inch kiln-dried cherry wood is ideal for smoker boxes and certain smaller smokers.

What does it mean that your cherry wood is sustainably sourced?

All Hot Box wood is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests. These forests are responsibly managed, meaning they aren’t harvested at a rate that outpaces their production. This ensures the forests stay around and stay healthy.

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