Perfectly Sized Cooking Wood for Big Time Flavor

Are you ready for the best possible wood-fired cooking experience? We have just the right cooking wood to fit your purposes. Whether you need 4-inch chunks for your smoker or 6-inch logs for your pizza oven, we’ve got you covered. All our premium hardwood species come kiln-dried for optimal performance. And every box comes with free two-day shipping nationwide. Bon Appetit!

4-Inch Wood Chunks for Smoking and Grilling

Take your meat smoking game to the next level with these kiln-dried hardwood flavor bombs. The 4 x 4-inch cubes can burn for hours with the perfect amount of smoke, and you don’t even have to soak them! They are ideally sized for charcoal grills, smokers, kamado-style grills and charcoal-fired pizza ovens and more.

6-Inch Pizza Oven Wood

Tiny pizza ovens demand tiny wood, and our 6-inch extra split pieces certainly fit the bill. These premium hardwood logs are the ideal size for popular pizza ovens like the Ooni Karu 12, Bertello, Cru 30, Gozney Roccbox and Solo Stove Pi. Each resealable box contains enough wood to cook 20 pizzas no problem!

8-Inch Smoking Wood

Need to smoke some meat or wood-fire a pizza in a larger portable oven like the Ooni Karu 16? Our 8-inch logs fit great in vertical, offset or horizontal smokers, Solo Stove ovens, wood grills, and more. You can order the species of wood you need or mix and match to produce incredibly flavorful wood-fired dishes.

Enjoy These Flaming Hot Cooking Wood Benefits

What makes Hot Box the best wood for your pizza oven? You won’t believe how many sweltering perks come in such a small package.

Compact Convenience

Size matters, especially when it comes to cooking wood! Say goodbye to struggling to jam a large log into a small hole.

Superior Performance

Nothing cooks quite like kiln-dried wood. It’s easy to start, efficient to burn and completely free of pests and mold.

Restaurant Quality

Cook with the hardwood species of choice for top wood-fired chefs, including oak, ash, hickory, cherry and sugar maple.

Sustainably Sourced

We protect the environment by sourcing all our wood from FSC-certified forests and planting one tree for every box sold.

Safely Portable

Since it’s kiln-dried and pest-free, Hot Box pizza wood is legal to transport wherever you take your smoker or pizza oven.

Competitively Priced

Our boxes cost less than similar offers from our competitors. Plus, we offer free two-day shipping on every order.

Meet Our Flavorful Cooking Wood Species

Each of our species adds something a little different to the food it cooks. Some are better for smokier barbeque flavor and others add a delightful sweetness that can’t be beat. We especially enjoy mixing the sweet with the smoky for unique flavor experiences. Whatever species you want, we can box it up for you!


This wood is recommended by Italian pizza oven manufacturers as the best wood for cooking pizzas.


This combined box of cherry, oak and sugar maple wood offers the perfect mix of sweet, fruity and smoking flavors.


This charming reddish hardwood will imbue your food with a subtle fruity flavor and give it a charming rosy hue.


This blazing hot burner produces a jolt of classic Texas barbeque flavor that pairs well with all types of meat.


This dependable cooking wood produces a ton of heat and a subtle smoky taste to enhance whatever you’re cooking.

Sugar Maple

This enhanced version of maple wood will take your cooking to the next level with its subtle maple syrupy flavor.

Looking for Other Types of Firewood?

If you didn’t find what you’re looking for here, there’s more where that came from! You can view our full product line of Hot Boxes at the link below. Each box contains 100% kiln-dried cooking wood in the species and size you need with the two-day free shipping you love!